Bangalore Petrol Rate

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Bangalore Petrol Rate

Quantity Petrol Rate Updated On
1/2 Litre Rs. 35.64 15-10-2016
1 Litre Rs. 71.28 15-10-2016
1 Gallon Rs. 269.79 15-10-2016
1 Barrel Rs. 11,333.52 15-10-2016

Exchange Rates

Code Updated On Rate
1 USD 09-Nov-2016 Rs. 66.8667
1 AED 09-Nov-2016 Rs. 18.2074
1 SGD 09-Nov-2016 Rs. 48.0522
1 EUR 09-Nov-2016 Rs. 75.3783
1 GBP 09-Nov-2016 Rs. 83.6405
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Prices in Bangalore

Diesel Rate

Check for Diesel rate in Bangalore on 15-10-2016 per litre.

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Petrol Chart

View today's and past Petrol price chart in Bangalore per litre.

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Highest/Lowest Petrol Rates

Lowest Last 90 Days

Quantity Date Price
1 Litre 15-Aug-2016 Rs. 64.47
1 Gallon 15-Aug-2016 Rs. 244.02

Highest Last 90 Days

Quantity Date Price
1 Litre 06-Nov-2016 Rs. 72.56
1 Gallon 06-Nov-2016 Rs. 274.64

Petrol News Bangalore

Maharashtra government hikes VAT on petrol

The people of Maharastra have to pay Rs. 1.50 additional as a value added tax for petrol. This price increase by the government will reap a revenue of Rs. 600 crores in addition. There has been a recent increase in use o...

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Fuel consumption reaching new heights

The country has witnessed the fuel consumption to reach a new height. Petrol, diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), aviation turbine fuel (ATF) have seen a drastic increase in consumption w...

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