Fruit Price in Bangalore

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Today's Fruit Price in Bangalore

Fruit Name Fruit Price Quantity
Guava Rs. 62.00 Kilogram
Mosambi Rs. 52.00 Kilogram
Pineapple Rs. 54.00 Kilogram
Pomegranate Rs. 160.00 Kilogram

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Fruit News Bangalore

Sunday fruit market coming soon in South Mumbai

In a idea to provide fresh fruits and to attract the tourist, the government of Mumbai came up with the idea of setting up of sunday fruit market which would help the farmers from different parts of the state to sell the...

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FSDA checks for chemicals used to ripen fruits

With the nearing of the Navratri, Food Safety and Drugs Administration officials conducted a sudden sample picking from 7 places and the sample fruits were sent to the Lucknow Lab for testing. This test is to detect whet...

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