Accredited Government Labs to Hallmark

The precious stones and gems will be hallmarked by the government which will resemble as a stamp of purity. This step has been taken by the government inorder to take away the fake precious stones which has been circulated in the market for a quite a long time. In India, there has been a absence of testing centres and centres for certifying the gemstones which are coloured.

The commerce department of India along with help of accreditation bodies are trying to setup labs for certifying the gemstones purity whose certification will be accepted and recognised globally.

Ever since the selling of precious stones started, there has been problems for the consumers to identify the purity and nature of stones and get cheated up paying a huge amount on an ordinary stone which is not worthy. Inorder to put an end to this, the commerce department has come up with plans of hallmarking the precious stones.

This step taken by government will kill the fear of being cheated on buying a precious stone and will drive more people to opt for these valuable stones. The increase in sales of these precious stones can be expected in the upcoming years due to the increase in trust and confidence on the hallmark inscribed by the government accredited labs.

Private labs for certification of the precious stones are available in few parts of India, but their certificates are not being recognised. GIA, IGI, HRD which are international accreditations which are being recognised in India.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is definitely need for hallmarking of these precious stones.

This article was posted on 07-Sep-2016.

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